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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 5:Botchan, seeing a few times a year

Botchan is a cat that I see a few times a year.
I call him Botchan because the blackened portion of the shape of the head seems the hair style of just a tike.

I said that I see him several times  a year, but might have met the different cat with similar pattern each time.

Anyway, Botchan is a black-and-white cat, he distinguishes a good human being or not.
Today, I gave food to Miiko and Daikoku-Maru, he came to me and ask me food as a matter of course.
He was wary somewhat, but not more than necessary cautiously.

Without that he got into trouble with Daikoku-Maru, he went away  quiet after finishing eating.

The photo is Botchan of September 27

2014 Sep. 27 updated

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 4:Fan club of Henrietta

Henrietta is a very beautiful cat.

Last year, 2013, in spring, she was a shiny kitten when she appeared.
Her fur is almost white, and white fur is pure white, big polka dots are shiny.

Some day in spring of this year, when I went to feed cats, Henrietta  had sat followed by a male cat that was tired in estrus.
I did not know that Henrietta had contraception surgery last year, so I was panicking, but she had a cool face.

That was a fan of cat, but apparently there would be a human fan of Henrietta also.
The fan seems to appear only on weekends, and give her canned food or something good. 
Because  I give her food, but she does not eat too much on weekends.

Adding that, I witnessed that Henrietta, after eating food, was going into the elementary school with Shiro, Kai, and Daikoku-Maru.
It was before the Daikoku-Maru had  a serious injury.

A photo of Henrietta in spring of this year

2014 Sep. 20 updated

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 3:Shiro with gold eye and blue eye

After Socks’s gone, now Shiro, Miiko, and Kai  are hanging around near Daikoku-Maru.

However, it was 2010 that Shiro became a regular member  of the large Neko-Sanctuary.
Shiro is wearing a pure white coat, with black striped tail.
His right eye is blue, but his left eye is gold.
He is a very docile cat, so shows up  often between the mating season.
He likes more milk than canned food.

Since when Miiko appeared suddenly in 2010, Shiro has gotten on great with Miiko.

Miiko wears a coat in the tortoiseshell pattern with yellow and brown and black.
When she appeared, Miiko was an adult cat already neutered.
Since she had a collar, Miiko might have been abandoned.
She is a female, amiable chatter cat.

Perhaps because of the pattern of her fur, sometimes I look see her with Daikoku-Maru at the far-eyed, I think Socks  was alive.

I think Kai had also appeared roughly the same time as Miiko.
Kai had just become an adult still at that time.
Even now, he seems a little scared Daikoku-Maru.

The photo is an amaryllis and Daikoku-Maru.

2014 September 13 updated

Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Neko-Sanctuary Chronicle 2 2:Calamity of Daikoku-Maru

August seemed the mating season for a cat.
Since Shiro and Kai have not been castrated, they injured in flank, and have been a big wound.
In particular, Shiro’s fur dyed pink in blood here and there because he is a white cat, and the wound seems painful.
Kai’s Injury also is not small, but probably because they are young, Shiro and Kai come out to eat food with a face that does not do anything.

As Daikoku-Maru does not show up from last Friday, M-san, who was worried about, looked for him Saturday, and found him crouched under the bike in the bicycle parking lot.
I met him with M-san, and found something like a big hump in the flank, he didn’t  want to move too much. He had no appetite.

M-san wondered that he had a cancer,. And I, I thought also that he must be a serious illness.
He is about 13 years old, and very elderly as a cat to spend outside.
Even if we could take him to the vet, letting him undergo radical therapy would be not good, M-san and I thought, and decided to wait and see.

When I left him, I felt like not to meet  Daikoku-Maru again.

Until  last night I received an email from M-san, it was a difficult week for me because I thought of Daikoku-Maru almost.

According to her mail, Monday, M-san noticed that the hump in the flank of Daikoku-Maru was torn. Rather than the illness, he might have been injured by being caught up in the fight of estrus.
Because he had not physical strength, wound, injury was purulent, having heat, M-san was able to catch him and show to the vet.

Perhaps because of the injections the vet gave him, Daikoku-Maru  I saw today looked better. He had also appetite, so ate a lot of food. It was really good.

In every sense, M-san is a lifesaver Daikoku-Maru.

The photo below is Daikoku-Maru of this year

2014 September 6 updated